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Northwest Indiana is thrilled to launch its own Summer Learning Labs, inspired by the successful Indy Summer Learning Labs initiative that began in 2021. This program, running from June 10th to July 19th, aims to provide an enriching summer educational experience for students entering 1st through 9th grades across over 20 sites in the region.

Building on Proven Success

The Northwest Indiana Summer Learning Labs is part of an incredible partnership with the Urban League of Northwest Indiana, DHB & Associates, The Mind Trust, and various dynamic community-based organizations throughout the state. These partnerships are integral to delivering a high-quality, fun, and educational summer program tailored to meet the needs of our community’s youth.

Comprehensive Enrichment Activities

Students participating in the Summer Learning Labs will benefit from a well-rounded curriculum designed to boost academic success and foster personal growth. The program offers:

    • Math and Reading Enrichment: Daily instruction by licensed teachers to help students maintain and improve their academic skills.
    • Arts and Crafts: Encouraging creativity and self-expression through various hands-on projects.
    • Sports and Physical Activities: Promoting physical health and teamwork.
    • Field Trips: Providing educational and exciting outings to broaden students’ horizons.
    • Career Exploration: Introducing students to different career paths and helping them discover their interests and potential.

Additionally, students will receive breakfast, lunch, and snacks to ensure they are well-nourished and ready to learn each day.

Community Impact

The introduction of the Summer Learning Labs to Northwest Indiana is more than just an educational program; it represents a significant investment in the future of our community. By addressing the learning loss exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are helping to close the achievement gap and set our children on a path to success.

Join the Journey

For more information visit Northwest Indiana Summer Learning Labs.